£5500.00 – Yeti SB5 T-Series X01 Eagle Lunch Ride 27.5″ Mountain Bike 2018 – Enduro Full Suspension MTB



Yeti Cycles shut the factory down and suit up daily for a lunch ride – it's not only a way to blow off steam and build comradery but also serves as a proving ground for spec and product decisions. Loving to tinker with their bikes and through the process of riding, talking smack, and trying new things, Yeti often land on a hybrid spec that we all run. This build represents that spec Fox 36/160mm for added travel and stiffness up front and Fox Float DPX2 shock in the rear for ripping descents. On the race circuit, there are horses for courses and the EWS team, headed by Richie Rude, chose the SB5 LR for the Rotorua and Tasmania stops of the EWS in 2017, proving the bike's range of capabilities.

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