£10000 – Cannondale Scalpel SE LAB71 Mountain Bike


Cannondale Scalpel SE LAB71 Mountain Bike Discover the extraordinary benefits of the LAB71 Scalpel SE, where high-performance innovation meets cutting-edge technology in the world of mountain biking. The Ultimate XC Trail Bike: Just when you thought this lightning-fast XC trail bike couldn’t get any better, we sent it to finishing school at LAB71. The LAB71 Scalpel SE boasts the lightest Hi-MOD carbon frame, adorned with top-tier components, and a gallery-worthy paint scheme. With limited quantities available, your desire for this remarkable bike is boundless. Unparalleled Suspension and Traction: Experience superior suspension and unmatched traction with Scalpel SE’s patented FlexPivot suspension system. This groundbreaking technology results in enhanced grip, precise control, and incredible speed. With 120mm of plush travel, it feels like so much more, making all-day singletrack adventures an exhilarating experience. Lead with Lefty: The LAB71 Scalpel SE features the ultralight Lefty Ocho Carbon fork, equipped with a unique single-sided design and proprietary needle bearing internals. This fork offers 120mm of the smoothest and most precise-handling front suspension, translating to better control and increased speed on the trail. Big Trail Capability: This progressive XC trail bike takes the riding experience a step further with a slack and stable 67° headtube angle, shorter stems, larger tires, dropper posts, and increased travel. If you thrive on fast, precise, and fully controlled trail riding, the LAB71 Scalpel SE is the ideal choice. Incorporating the latest FlexPivot technology, Proportional Response geometry, OutFront Steering Geometry, and the STASH Kit for trailside repairs, the LAB71 Scalpel SE redefines mountain biking, making it the ultimate marathon racer and high-speed trail slayer. Embrace a lighter, faster, and ultimate-er riding experience with the LAB71 Scalpel SE. Discover the pinnacle of mountain biking excellence in the Mountain | Cross-Country category, featuring 29 x 2.35″ wheel and tire size, and 120mm of travel for both front and rear suspension.”

This mountain bike is available today at Sigma Sports.

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