Popular Mountain Bikes – See Buyer’s Searches This Week

What better way to know the most popular mountain bikes this week – popular because they’re being searched by mountain bike buyers!

How Does A Mountain Bike Become Popular?

When trying to find the best mountain bike to own, savvy bike shoppers do their research. After all, buying any bike is no small outlay.

They normally have an approximate budget. They ask fellow riders or listen to recommendations. Checking out online reviews and user reviews is also common. As the choices narrow down, the bike hunter may read in-depth specs on manufacturer’s websites. By this stage, they may well have pinpointed the brand (Specialized, Trek, Cannondale, Giant, Carrera and many more notable ones) and model they really want. Finally, they search for the best deal for that model.

At that stage and because buyers are looking online for the best price, particular mountain bikes join the popularity stakes!

It therefore stands to reason that trending searches are likely to be good quality bikes that mountain bike riders are happy to spend their money on.

My Popular Mountain Bikes

By examining the analytics of visitors to this site, I’m publishing below, IN REAL TIME, the brand and model of the top 10 popular mountain bikes that buyers are searching for NOW! The bikes shown will no doubt change fairly regularly as other models gain popularity.

I have no doubt that if you check out the current prices of these mountain bikes, you’ll definitely be buying a bike that’s been well researched to become “top of the list” in build, looks and value for potential buyers.

Here’s today’s current top ten:

You can use the search box below to find your chosen model and compare today’s prices between the top UK bike retailers. Sometimes prices are similar but other times there’s a very welcome price drop!

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