£3999.00 – Cannondale Scalpel-Si Carbon 2 27.5″ / 29er Mountain Bike 2018 – XC Full Suspension MTB



Built for XXC.The ultimate race bike for the rough and tumble realities of modern XC. It’s the lightest, stiffest XC dually on the planet, with radical new XC geometry to own the climbs, rule the descents and decimate the competition.The lightest, stiffest, best climbing, best descending, all-around fastest XC race bike ever made. The new XC is gnarly. The new Scalpel-Si is gnarlier.Key Features:Insane Traction – Without Compromise – Proprietary Ai offset drivetrain delivers super short chainstays for climb-winning traction and agile handling, without sacrificing mud/tyre clearance or limiting you to single ring set-ups..XC Agility Meets All-Mountain Stability – OutFront Steering Geometry gives you the best of both worlds: Slack and stable on hectic descents, yet quick and nimble everywhere else..The Best XC Fork… Period – Unbelievably rigid and precise, Lefty out-corners, out-handlers and flat-out rides circles around its flexy XC competition. Its custom extra-long fork offsets (rake) make our OutFront Steering Geometry possible..Explosive Stiffness – Just say no to energy-wasting flex. Scalpel-Si is the stiffest XC dually going, thanks to the evenly dished Ai rear wheel, super short chainstays, LockR locking axles and BallisTec Carbon frame construction..Ultra Lightweight – System Integrated Cranks, Fork, Frame and Zero Pivot stays all add up to not much… weight. Scalpel-Si is the lightest XC dually on the market..Rider Position – Pure Modern XC. Low flat back, centered weight distribution..Rider Profile – World Cup XC racers, marathon racers and anyone else with dreams of fast-paced XC glory..

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