£27.99 – Ergon GA3 Mountain Bike Handlebar Grips Bar Grips



These grips are ergonomically shaped to fit the hand perfectly. This enables you to hold the grip less tightly, yet still have precise control. This reduces pressure points on the hands and reduces arm pump on long descents or day-long trail sessions. Inside the grip, there is a double-butted core that dampens the shock of sudden impacts and vibrations. Compatibility Available in three different size options to choose from, the Ergon grips GA3 are designed for a comfortable and dependable hold on the most demanding of terrains. The small size option is recommended for hand/glove sizes 6.5 to 8.5″. The large size option is for hand/glove sizes 8.5 to 10.5″. The difference in size refers to the grip width in inches, meaning a larger hand will have a more positive fit on a thicker grip, while a smaller hand is better fitted to a smaller grip. Both the small and large grips are the same size. There is finally a third option available that includes one standard-sized left-hand grip and one shorter-sized right-hand single-twist-shift grip that’s developed for Nexus/Rohloff. Tech Tip: Although your flat handlebars may be 31.8mm or 35mm at the central stem clamping area, most flat bars have a standard 22.2mm diameter at the ends of the bars. These grips, as with most grips on the market, are designed for bars with this standard 22.2mm measurement at the end of the bars.

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