£1999.00 – Lapierre Zesty AM 3.0 29″ Mountain Bike 2019 – Trail Full Suspension MTB



Half-way between a full-suspension XC and an enduro, with a clearance of 150mm on the 27.5 frame and 140mm on the 29, it will improve uphill sensations compared to a pure enduro bike and yet is more stable downhill than a full-suspension XC. To sum up, a bike that offers it all, and more.Our challenge was to entirely redesign two models which were a huge hit with endurance and all-mountain riders.So, we have entirely redesigned our two models to evolve with riding practices. To do this, we opted for a shared platform, at the same time preserving the separate identities of the Zesty and the Spicy.A shared framework, but totally different behaviours. Zesty and Spicy make their come-back. Developed with the help of pro riders, notably Nicolas Vouilloz, 10 times world downhill champion, we have gone to great lengths to get maximum thrills, in terms of downhill for the Spicy and all-mountain capabilities for Zesty. The challenge was to preserve the character of each bike: Spicy, the ultimate endurance bike, great for speed; and Zesty, an exceptional all-mountain explorer.We focused on the details. In particular three main areas: the FIT programme, kinematics, and geometry modernization. In relationship with users’ expectations, across the full aluminum and carbon range. An innovative programme which allows components to evolve depending on the size of the bike and therefore… the size of the rider.With this system, the bike can be adjusted to the rider’s morphology. The programme is based on the evolution of eight bicycle components to improve comfort, but also performance between you and your bike. 27.5 or 29 inches (tyre section max. 2.6),Front/rear clearance: 160 to 170 mm on the Spicy / 140 to 150 mm on the Zesty,Crank length: 2 crank lengths,Different chainring size: 2 different sizes,Handlebars: 2 handlebar widths,Telescopic seat post heights: 3 different lengths,Grip diameter: 2 grip sizes,Disks: 2 disk sizes.Modern design, sweating the detailsCompatible with 27.5 and 29 inches.

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