£2999.00 – Orbea Occam SL H30 Full Suspension Mountain Bike – 2024 – Metallic Olive Green-Titanium Black (Gloss), Medium



Explore the Orbea Occam SL H30 2024: A lightweight full-suspension bike designed for ultimate control and flow on your mountain adventures. With its innovative remote lockout system, you’ll tackle trails like never before. The Orbea Occam SL H30 Full Suspension Mountain Bike for 2024 is your key to unlocking the full potential of the mountains. Its light, efficient build and fast trail geometry bring unmatched control and flow to your rides, letting you adapt instantly to whatever the trail throws at you.Key Features and Benefits:Fast Trail Geometry: This bike’s design is focused on delivering a balanced ride. It offers agility on tight trails and stability at high speeds. You’ll enjoy a responsive ride that adapts to varying terrain, enhancing your control and confidence on any adventure.Efficient Suspension with Remote Lockout: With the Occam SL, switching the suspension from open to locked is quick and intuitive. This feature reduces fatigue on climbs and improves efficiency on flats, allowing you to conserve energy for when it really counts.Fully Guided Cables with Stealthy and Protective Routing: The internal cable routing is not only sleek but also protects your cables from debris and damage. This system makes maintenance easier and extends the lifespan of your bike’s components, ensuring smooth rides for years to come.Replaceable Vinyl Protection: The Occam comes equipped with durable vinyl that protects its frame. This not only keeps your bike looking new longer but also offers customizable styling options. It’s a practical and aesthetic feature that ensures your bike withstands the rigours of trail riding.Carbon Shock Extender: This detail maximises the bike’s rigidity while minimising weight. The result is a bike that’s both lightweight and capable of handling rough terrain. You’ll feel the difference in the bike’s precise control and effortless pedalling.Updated LOCKR Technology: Whether you opt for Aluminium or Carbon, the Occam SL’s LOCKR technology offers convenient storage for tools, lunch, or even a jacket. Located behind the water bottle mount, it provides easy access to essentials without impacting the bike’s performance or aesthetics.Mountain bikers seek a bike that can handle everything from challenging climbs to thrilling descents. The Orbea Occam SL H30 Full Suspension Mountain Bike meets these demands with its lightweight design, efficient suspension, and trail-ready features. Its fast trail geometry and carbon shock extender contribute to a ride that’s both nimble and sturdy, perfect for the rider who values performance and versatility.Make the Orbea Occam SL H30 Full Suspension Mountain Bike yours today. Experience a ride that brings together speed, efficiency, and the freedom to explore trails in a whole new way. Embrace the essence of adventure with a bike that’s built to adapt, protect, and perform.

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