£6399.00 – Orbea Rise H10 Electric Mountain Bike 2022 Mouse Grey/Sky Blue


Same RS experience but in aluminumLike its carbon sister, Rise Aluminum’s power comes from an EP8 RS motor, developed inan exclusive collaboration between Orbea and Shimano.Orbea acted on the motor firmware to offer the most natural and efficient assistance aspossible, eliminating drag and power delay that’s typical of conventional ebikes. The motorwas also optimized to provide maximum assistance between 75 and 95 strokes per minute,the cadence at which the human body pedals the most efficiently and where we normallypedal our standard mechanical bikes.This means that the harder we pedal, Rise responds instantly with more power, with afeeling of natural assistance.Another unique aspect of the RS philosophy is its autonomy. Due to the lower powerconsumption, the lower weight of the bike and the greater dependence on the rider’s legs,the battery in Rise lasts about 50% more compared to a standard ebike. This translates intosurprising autonomy for the 360Wh battery in the carbon models and a whopping 540Wh inthe aluminum models with a completely redesigned battery.Weight is another key to Rise and something Orbea invested many hours in to optimize thedetails of the models: frame, integrated battery, cable routing and push buttons were takeninto account. Motor optimization through the Rider Synergy also allows for trail componentsto be mounted, which saves weight and enables the bike to handle like a mechanical trailbike.The lightest in the category, also in aluminumNatural pedaling and handling are the two aspects that differentiate Rise the most. To keepthese characteristics intact in the aluminum versions, Orbea’s engineering team scrutinizedall the details and invested many hours in development.The recently debuted aluminum version features a completely redesigned 540Wh battery,developed by Orbea, who rethought the distribution of the 21,700 cells, the housingarrangement, the wiring and the brackets to find a battery that is as optimized andlightweight as possible and with one of the highest energy densities on the market.For the frame, Orbea selected the best materials and applied the most advancedmanufacturing processes, just as it does for its highest-level carbon frames. Thanks to thedouble- and triple-butted, hydroformed tubes, the team optimized the thickness and shapesof the tubes and reinforced the most delicate areas. In other words, it saves weight whereyou don’t need material and adjusts the stiffness in the important areas.In effort to give the highest level of attention to the new aluminum version, Orbea applied itspolishing process to the frame. This technique smooths the welds at the tube joints,matching the aesthetics of a carbon frame. In fact, it’s difficult to discern the differencesbetween an aluminum frame and carbon frame. This process also increases aluminum’sfatigue resistance in critical areas.All this design and development work has resulted in an aluminum frame weight of merely3.4kg — just 100g more than an Occam aluminum frame and 2kg lighter than mostaluminum ebikes on the market. The total weight of the new aluminum Rise is an impressive19kg for the top-of-the-range model and 20kg for the entry-level model.Electronics news for aluminum versionsThe Rise carbon version maintains its 360Wh battery, enough for rides of 3–4 hours,depending on how the battery is managed. This battery will continue to the be preferredfavorite for riders looking for the lightest Rise experience. For longer rides and biggeroutputs, Orbea offers a Range Extender that increases the total system capacity to 612Wh.Orbea considered the needs of riders looking for the experience and autonomy of a carbonRise but at a more accessible price, so they equipped the aluminum versions with a new540Wh battery, making Rise Aluminum more appealing for a wide spectrum of riders,reducing the price and increasing the simplicity of the system for those looking for a lightebike without the need for a Range Extender. The new 540Wh battery has a record weight ofjust 2.7kg.In Eco mode, the stated range for the battery on aluminum models has a range of more than3,500m of elevation change; 2,200m in Trail mode; and 1,600m in Boost mode. As if thatwasn’t enough, Rise Aluminum can be paired with a new 252Wh Range Extender, whichresults in a “light ebike” of almost 800Wh.Extra battery capacity usually means a longer charging time, so Orbea developed a newsmart charger for aluminum Rises. This charger detects if you’re charging the new 540Whbattery or the new Range Extender and will adjust the charge voltage accordingly. For themain battery, the charge will be at 4A, reaching an 80% charge in just 3 hours; the RangeExtender will be charged at 2A.Orbea Rise H10 Electric Mountain Bike FeaturesFrame Orbea Rise Hydro 2022 140mm travel 29”Boost 12x148Shock Fox Float DPS Factory 3-Position Adjust Evol Kashima custom tune 210x55mmFork Fox 34 Float Factory 140

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