£49.99 – Spank 350 Mountain Bike Rim Rims



Lightweight and Tubeless Ready Mountain Bike Rim This tubeless ready Spank 350 rim can cope with a variety of riding styles and under-wheel conditions. Featuring a 30.5mm inner width, tyres from 2.0″-2.6″ and plus-sized tyres can be fitted, making it suitable for whatever type of ride you want to undertake. This strong mountain bike (MTB) rim gives just the right amount of radial compliance with high lateral stiffness, giving you precise control and confidence when landing your drops and jumps on the trails. ·       Low sectional profile height and wide width add radial compliance, while keeping high lateral stiffness ·       30.5mm internal width extremely versatile, fitting tyres from 2.0” to 2.6” perfectly, and even allowing “plus” size tyre              use, without negative squaring off of tyre profiles ·       Ideal for Trail/AM/Enduro bikes looking for a wide profile, without the weight penalty Technologies: Bead Bite: At an incredible range of pressures, Bead Bite is the solution to keeping your tyres burp free and fixed in place. Bead Bite rim technology enhances tubeless use with tyres of all types and with a greater range of air pressures. Bead Bite rims have 6 rows of tiny ridges that run along the vertical and horizontal faces of the bead seats. These tiny teeth create air seals between the rim and tyre as the bead conforms into them under air pressure. They dramatically increase frictional forces on the tyre bead, reducing the beads’ ability to move vertically or horizontally (thus improving tyre stability and reducing burps). The bead literally becomes trapped between the vertical and horizontal ridges, even at very low air pressures. Even in tubed applications, Bead Bite rims tend to allow much lower air pressures with reduced risk of pinch flats Oohbah: The unique OohBah profile allows Spank to manufacture thinner walled, wider profiled, lighter rims without sacrificing strength or rigidity. Wider rims mean stiffer wheels and more tyre spread, leading to greater traction and improved comfort, and tyre performance. The “wave” shape of the OohBah inner tube adds strength and support to the vertical rim flange walls and prevents buckling. Normal straight or curved tube wells must be much thicker, and by default heavier, to offer the same support ERD ++: In recent years many new standards of nipples have been introduced, and nipple head heights vary. For this reason, Spank communicates ERD without including nipple head height, so the user can add the exact height of the nipples they have chosen for their build, (Inner Diameter of the Rim + 2X Spoke Bed Wall Thickness = ERD ++). 

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