£4999.00 – Transition Sentinel XO1 Eagle 29er Carbon Mountain Bike 2022 Ti Grey



It’s forgiving do-it-all attitude truly blurs the lines between planted bottomless sender and playful poppy trail pony. Whether you’re chasing EWS dreams or just a weekend afternoon escape, it will bring out the best in you. So easy to get acquainted with you’ll find yourself sending lines, jumps and maneuvers you always felt were beyond your ability. Where before you went around, now you go over. Where you pushed up, now you pedal. Where you rolled, now you boost.SPEED BALANCED GEOMETRYSBG ensures the bike maintains low speed agility, front wheel traction, and proper rider weight balance while actually increasing confidence in steep terrain and at high speeds. With SBG, a slacker head tube angle is combined with a all new reduced offset fork standard, preventing the front wheel from being too far in front of the rider. This improves front to rear weight distribution on the bike, which is often out of balance on long and slack bikes. One of SBG’s greatest benefits is that it creates a confident steering feel that adapts to wheel speed. More stability when going fast, more agility on technical slow speed maneuvering as well as improved traction, control and confidence for any skill level of rider.GIDDYUP SUSPENSION DESIGNWe wanted to make it as easy as possible to experience great rear suspension performance. The GiddyUp suspension system is designed to behave intuitively whether you’re setup correctly or not. Because, we get it, sometimes life gets in the way, and you’ve got to grab your bike and GiddyUp without checking your setup. When you do, it will still feel good.We did this by balancing a 24% progressive leverage curve with a consistent linear rate of change. Anti-squat is tuned to enhance pedaling performance and acceleration. Overall chain growth is moderate and reduces after sag so chain tension doesn’t get in the way of the suspension working.This translates to killer small bump compliance and great mid-stroke support that gradually transitions into an end of stroke ramp that is subtle, yet supportive. The amount of consistent progression is carefully optimized for both air and coil shocks. Riders are able to add or remove volume spacers in air shocks to suite their individual riding style and there is no compromise to bottom out support with coil shocks. The Sentinel has 150mm of rear wheel travel when used with the supplied 205mm x 62.5mm stroke shock. It is also possible to install a shorter, 205mm x 57.5mm stroke shock, to decrease the rear wheel travel to 140mm.A wide usable sag range of 25 – 35% allows the rider to tune the feel of the bike; from poppy and playful, to planted for plowing. Wherever you end up, you can focus on the trail without remotes, levers or knobs. Just grab your bike and GiddyUp.FRAME FEATURESALL CARBON CONSTRUCTIONFull carbon frame made from premium Japanese Toray fibre with a tailored blend of 24T and 30T materials to create the right belance of frame stifness, strength and impact toughness. Transition’s unique latex coated EPS molding process allows for sharper frame lines and tighten edge radius control with maximum strength to weight ratio and less wasted material.PIVOT TECHNOLOGYCollet main pivot technology improves rear end stifness and keeps your pivot hardware tight. Additional bearing shields prevent main pivot bearing contamination when washing your bike or riding in wet conditions.FRAME PROTECTIONKeep your bike rides quiet and your frame safe from damage with fully integrated, flush mounted rubber frame protection of all critical areas. In addition to downtube and seatstay protection, the ribbed chainstay protector features expanded coverage of the rear dropout pivot area.BADASS BEARINGSWe exclusively use EnduroMAX suspension pivot specific bearings in standard sizes that are readibly available worldwide. Dual bearings are used at the dropouts pivots for frame stifness and additional c-clips lock the rocker bearings in place under torsional loads.GEAR ACCESSORY MOUNTTransition’s underside top-tube accessory mount allows you to carry a pare tube or other goodies safely on your frame in case you are looking to ditch the backpack.MEGA SEATPOST INSERTIONDropper posts keep getting longer so we combbine sort seat tube lengths with mega seatpost insertion to help get your saddle completely out of the way.TYRE CLEARANCEAmple clearance for mud and tyres up to 2.6″ wisth.USER FRIENDLY CABLE ROUTINGTo simplifymaintenance and keep your bike noise free, the rear derailleur cable is routed through guide tubes in the front triangle and chainstay.THREADED BOTTOM BRACKETA standard 73mm threaded bottom bracket shell makes crankset maintenance hassle free and prevents unwanted press-fit BB related noises.PRESS IN HEADSETThe ZS44/ZS56 press in headset gives you the freedom to use angle adjust headsets if you need to make your bike a touch slacker or a touch steeper.WATER BOTTLE COMPATIBILITYKeep your water bottle clean inside the front triangle so you can kee

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