£6175 – Trek Top Fuel 9.8 XT Mountain Bike 2021


Trek Top Fuel 9.8 XT Mountain Bike 2021 There's no holding back with the Trek Top Fuel 9.8 XT Mountain Bike: full carbon, full suspension and full power on endurance rides and trails alike. The OCLV carbon frame is stiff, light and paired with parts that don't shy away from hard labour on rugged terrain, and RockShox suspension in the front and rear is ultra-smooth. During climbs and sprints, the front and rear shocks can be locked out remotely at the same time – and when descending, drop the Bontrager seatpost to get weight low and over the back wheel for heightened control and comfort. The Mino Link is a smart way to adjust the geometry to be either trail-focused, with a low bottom bracket and slackened head angle, or more aggressive for responsive handling.  Carbon Bontrager Kovee Elite 30 wheels are fast-rolling, weight-saving and can be run tubeless to bid farewell to pinch punctures at low pressures. Mid-range Shimano SLX and XT 12-speed components mean there's no shortage of gearing options when gradients ramp up, and shifting is handled with precision.  Highlights  The full OCLV carbon frame gives you a light, responsive ride. This short-travel trail bike gives you a suspension set-up that’s capable in several MTB disciplines, and especially suited to endurance events. Bontrager DropLock's shifter-style lever lets you easily lock out both front and rear shocks at the same time for added sprinting or climbing efficiency.  Wider Kovee Pro 30 wheels provide better tyre support so you can run lower pressure and get more traction. Mino Link lets you make small adjustments to your geometry quickly and easily, even mid-ride. You get a Straight Shot downtube for extra stiffness in the rough and Knock Block frame defence to protect against spinning bars and fork crowns.

This mountain bike is available today at Sigma Sports.

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