£6295.00 – Norco Range VLT C2 2020 Electric Mountain Bike – Grey



About the Norco Range Carbon VLT C2The Range VLT is built for big rides. Big, like all-day alpine trips that test riders, gear and stamina, and big scary lines that you would never have thought about taking an e-MTB on. Norco engineered the Range's carbon fiber frame to fly up and down whatever trails you can throw it at with Norco's new progressive design, 170mm of coil-sprung suspension out back, and 180mm up front. Added to the fully-integrated Shimano STEPS motor, In-tube battery, and optional Range Extender battery, your backcountry excursions will be big, burly, and never limited by what you think an E-bike can do. Key Features Progressive Design: The Range VLT uses Norco's holistic approach to fit, geometry and suspension kinematics to achieve its big mountain adventure performance. The unique combination of longer reach, slacker head tube angle and steep seat tube angle provides a more forward weight distribution within a longer wheelbase. This allows more powerful pedaling, increased climbing traction and added grip and control when descending so you can confidently attack the trail. Shimano Steps – All The Power You Need: Designed to withstand the extreme demands of e-mountain biking, the best-in-class Shimano STEPS E8000 and E7000 drive units will extend your ride and give you the push you need to get through the tough stuff. Ride Longer: The Range VLT's 630Wh in-tube battery provides more range than most other e-MTB's thanks to Norco's unique power management system and the highly-efficient Shimano motor. And, when you add the additional capacity of optional Range Extender battery, you'll ride further than you ever though an e-MTB could Mo' Travel, Mo' Fun: The Range VLT's 180mm of front, and 170mm of rear coil-sprung suspension travel keeps your tires connected to the ground when you need more traction and soak up the big hits so you can maintain your flow on the toughest trails and take on the next obstacle. Tough 27. 5″ Wheels: designed the

This Mountain Bike product is available today from Evans Cycles.

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