£4499.00 – Nukeproof Reactor 290 Factory Carbon Mountain Bike 2023 – Trail Full Suspension MTB

Original price was: £5,299.99.Current price is: £4,499.00.


A trail bike that thrives in technical terrain both up and down. It’s the ultimate option for the rider looking for one bike to do it all.To optimise the weight, strength and stiffness, the Reactor Carbon frame features a full UD woven carbon fibre frameset (Including chain and seat stays). It is available for 27.5″ or 29″wheel sizes. These are two totally different, compromise free frames that were designed and developed at the same time. A Each frame is simply tailored around each wheel size.From concept to design, the Reactor Carbon is built from the ground up to be the ultimate aggressive trail bike. It’s an uncompromising build with a full carbon frame and specced with a build that leans towards aggressive descending but with kinematics and geometry efficient enough to pedal big miles, it’s a go anywhere and do anything machine.It’s a bike built for all day epics where a 1000m climb will inevitably lead to a 1000m descent and you need a bike that’ll handle both equally well.All Reactor frames feature a flip chip to adjust the geometry from Trail to Rail mode.”Trail” As the name suggests, this setting is best suited for trail riding. It is for riders who get as much enjoyment from the climb as the descents”Rail” – The Rail setting turns the Reactor into a corner shredder, dropping the bottom bracket 6mm and slackening the head angle by half a degree. It is there to maximise the descending capabilities.Designed to be poppy, playful, and wicked fast, the Reactor’s four bar Horst link suspension is supportive while climbing but an absolute hooligan on the descent. Solid mid stroke support balanced with relatively modest anti- squat gives the Reactor an active rear end that’s shockingly supportive and efficient when pedalling uphill. Anti- squat reduces as you shift down the cassette and pick up speed, making the bike come alive on descents. Balanced anti-rise figures allow the Reactor some squat when brakinghard, maintaining rider position, and providing a good amount of grip through the tyre to ensure traction.Whatever you’re in to, the Reactor will do it

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